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SHB50121 - Diploma of Beauty Therapy (Premium Current Package)


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Mapping Notes
Supersedes SHB50115 – Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Non-equivalent. Packaging Rules, core units and elective units have been updated.

Qualification Description

This qualification reflects the role of individuals employed as beauty therapists to provide a broad range of beauty therapy treatments and services including facial treatments, body massage and treatments, hair removal, lash and brow treatments, nail and make-up services. This includes consultation with clients to provide beauty advice, recommend beauty treatments and services, and sell retail skincare and cosmetic products.

These individuals work relatively autonomously and are accountable for personal outputs. Their work involves the self-directed application of knowledge and skills with substantial depth in some areas where judgement is required in planning and selecting appropriate equipment, services and techniques.

Work is typically conducted in beauty salons and spas.

The skills in this qualification must be applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State or Territory legislation, Australian standards and industry codes of practice.

No occupational licensing, certification or specific legislative requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

Packaging Rules

Total number of units 29

20 core units
9 elective units, consisting of:

  • 1 unit from Group A: Infection control
  • all units from any one of Group B, C, or D:
    Group B: Electrolysis/Diathermy
    Group C: Relaxation Massage
    Group D: Spa Treatments
  • remaining units from the list below, elsewhere in the SHB Training Package, or any other current training package or accredited course.

Core units

Note: Units marked with an *asterisk include one or more prerequisite units of competency. Please refer to each individual unit for details of prerequisites.

SHBBBOS008* – Provide body massages

SHBBCCS005 – Advise on beauty products and services

SHBBFAS004 – Provide lash and brow services

SHBBFAS005* – Provide facial treatments and skin care recommendations

SHBBFAS006* – Provide specialised facial treatments

SHBBHRS010 – Provide waxing services

SHBBMUP009 – Design and apply make-up

SHBBNLS007* – Provide manicure and pedicare services

SHBBNLS011 – Use electric file equipment for nail services

SHBBRES003 – Research and apply beauty industry information

SHBBSSC001 – Incorporate knowledge of skin structure and functions into beauty therapy

SHBBSSC002 – Incorporate knowledge of body structures and functions into beauty therapy

SHBXCCS005 – Maintain health and wellbeing in a personal services setting

SHBXCCS006 – Promote healthy nutritional options in a beauty therapy context

SHBXCCS007 – Conduct salon financial transactions

SHBXCCS008 – Provide salon services to clients

SHBXIND003 – Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment

SHBXWHS003 – Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices

SIRXOSM002 – Maintain ethical and professional standards when using social media and online platforms

SIRXSLS001 – Sell to the retail customer

Elective units

Group A: Infection control

HLTINF005 – Maintain infection prevention for skin penetration treatments

SHBBINF002 – Maintain infection control standards

Group B: Electrolysis/Diathermy

SHBBHRS013* – Provide hair reduction treatments using electrical currents

SHBBSKS007* – Provide diathermy treatments

Group C: Relaxation Massage

SHBBBOS009* – Provide aromatherapy massages

SHBBBOS010* – Use reflexology relaxation techniques in beauty treatments

SHBBSPA007* – Provide stone therapy massages

Group D: Spa Treatments

SHBBBOS009* – Provide aromatherapy massages

SHBBSPA005 – Work in a spa therapies framework

SHBBSPA006 – Provide spa therapies

SHBBSPA007* – Provide stone therapy massages

Group E: General elective units

BSBESB304 – Determine resource requirements for new business ventures

BSBESB401 – Research and develop business plans

BSBESB404 – Market new business ventures

BSBESB406 – Establish operational strategies and procedures for new business ventures

BSBESB407 – Manage finances for new business ventures

SHBBBOS011* – Provide superficial lymph massage treatments

SHBBCCS006* – Prepare personalised aromatic plant oil blends for beauty treatments

SHBBCCS007 – Interpret the chemical composition and physical effects of cosmetic products

SHBBHRS011* – Provide female intimate waxing services

SHBBHRS012* – Provide male intimate waxing services

SHBBMUP010 – Design and apply make-up for photography

SHBBMUP011 – Design and apply remedial camouflage make-up

SHBBMUP015* – Apply volume eyelash extensions

SHBBSKS008* – Provide upper body piercings

SHBBSKS009* – Provide micro-dermabrasion treatments

SHBBSPA008 – Provide Indian head massages for relaxation

SIRXOSM003* – Use social media and online tools

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